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I’d showered, dressed and had the kettle on by the time she got there!" Bee "Most family and friends are delighted to help, but don’t know what they can do to be of benefit.I really needed a girlfriend for those sorts of things.So I was relieved when a friend of mine called to ask if I needed anything from town.I was so happy when my friend came round, plonked me on the couch, and began sorting out my washing.” Chloe Take advantage of the fact that most of your visitors are there to see your baby.Leave them to it and use the time to take that relaxing bath you've been craving, or have a sleep.But I felt that if I asked anybody for help they’d think I was useless.

You need help, but sometimes it can be difficult to ask for it. "We had an endless stream of visitors when my son, Zach, was born.One friend arrived, and immediately went in the kitchen to start making me a cup of tea and some lunch.It was lovely having someone fussing over me and just being able to chat about grown-up things." Chantal "I have a friend who gave birth to twins. I am quite worried about her its much embarrassing. Unfortunately reading these comments has made me feel worse haha.She couldn't get enough of cuddling little Ben, which gave me a chance to do other things.My husband always knew when she’d been over because the washing-up mountain had turned into a mere washing-up hill!

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