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A mentoring relationship has the ability to propel career and psychosocial development for both mentors and mentees [7].Psychosocial development refers to an individual’s interaction within a particular social environment, while career development refers to an individual’s enhancement in learning within an organization [7].Traditional mentoring can also be problematic for individuals belonging to minority and/or vulnerable groups.

Similarly, if either party changes jobs or relocates, the mentoring relationship is typically ended or erodes as the physical presence of both parties is the foundation in a traditional mentoring relationship.Mentoring provides organizations several bene fits which include: increased productivity; increased recruiting ability; increased employee commitment to the organization; cost savings (as compared to other formal training programs); improved organizational communication; and enhancement of strategic planning ability [12].In addition, mentoring can help in learning about the organization, augmenting the organizational culture [14]and providing entry into social networks that would otherwise be unavailable [13].Traditional mentoring also relies on organizational support [12], since the information exchange is typically carried out on company time, with company resources and is an intra-organizational relationship.Traditional mentoring is virtually impossible to sustain without organizational support since it can require significant human resources and be costly to administer [12].

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Benefits of mentoring [2,3,12,13,15,16,18].being in the same physical space.

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