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Any net income attributable to a noncontrolling interest is subtracted from the net income attributable to the consolidated entity to give the net income attributable to the parent on the consolidated income statement. Tango's only asset is an office building fairly valued at .

Recap: the rationale for collecting ‘Level 2’ data within the Global LEI System In the GLEIF blog post entitled ‘The Global LEI System: A Look Back and a Look Ahead’ (see below) the former LEI ROC Chair Matthew Reed recalled the rationale for creating the Global LEI System: “In 2012 a group of authorities from around the globe decided we needed to solve a ’collective action’ problem that had been vexing to the industry and regulators for decades: how to develop and implement a common entity identification system that could serve as a linchpin to identify financial market participants and connect data. ” The Global LEI System is designed to ultimately deliver the answers to these questions.

Classification of the investment depends on the intent of the investor.

If the investor intends to profit from near-term (generally within than 12 months of initial investment) price movements, they are classified as either .

The International Accounting Standards are similar to U. The equity method of accounting is sufficiently complex that we have dedicated a whole page to the topic.

Give it a read to learn more about the equity method of accounting.

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